How Should I Fire My Plastic Surgeon (or other plastic surgeon)?

Your relationship with a plastic surgeon is no different. It should be based, just like any other, on mutual trust, respect, transparency, and honesty. The plastic surgeon should be fired if these factors are not met.

Although this may not be a topic that is often discussed, there are still ways to break this relationship with respect and help.

Is it really worth ending the relationship to begin again? Even if there is a greener grass somewhere else, it’s worth salvaging the doctor-patient bond, especially if someone has performed surgery on you. After giving it some consideration, you might realize that not your plastic surgery, but a member of the staff is responsible for the frustration. Working with the surgeon’s office and staff will help you to rebuild a relationship.

A great relationship is built on open communication. Feel free to share what you think is not working in your relationship. You may find that the surgeon is technically brilliant but not warm, or the best communicator in the world. It could be that you do not explain your case to both the doctors and office staff. You might want to put in some extra work to convey your thoughts or really listen to what the plastic surgeon has to say.

You were taught by your mom to never burn any bridges. It is important to spread the word, especially in communities that have fewer people or more complicated procedures. An angry outburst in the movies might be effective, but real-life isn’t as dramatic. Who knows, you may need medical records from the original surgeon, additional hints or care.

When you really feel like your relationship with your doctor isn’t working, it is helpful to get your medical records. Also maintain professionalism during your separation. Though plastic surgery is highly personal, some science and medicine is involved. You may find that your body does not heal properly despite receiving the best possible surgical treatment and aftercare.

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