Gems and Precious Rocks for Health and Happiness

People have been fascinated since the dawning of civilization by crystals and gems. They are stunning, beautiful and vibrant, so it’s no surprise we love to embellish our lives and the surroundings with these precious real moldavite for sale.

There are many ways that gemstones can be appreciated. A perfect crystal structure in an Amethyst can be a window into the early days of creation for geologists. As he looks at the deep purple gemstone, he can clearly see how silicon and oxygen have formed a perfect lattice deep within Earth’s crust.

The fashionista takes in the beauty of her bright green gem and admires how it blends with her outfit. The healer touches the pendant with a light touch, feeling physically and spiritually connected to Mother Earth. The Australian Outback’s rugged prospector finds an opal gem on a riverbank. With his family’s future looking bright and secure, his heart pumps with joy.

The young woman stares at her new diamond ring with excitement, thinking about her beloved and the happy lives they will lead together. These reactions are both so distinct, but equally powerful. The extraordinary emotion of gemstones is what makes us feel it.

We see precious stones in a variety of ways, but they all reflect our own values. Gems are used to represent the ideals and things that we value. Gems hold a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. Even today, the beautiful and sometimes prohibitive prices of gemstones continue to draw us in and make us want more.

Vedic Astrology uses a unique and useful method of associating gemstones to planetary energies. The Birth Chart will dictate which gemstones the Astrologer recommends, and the one that gives the most benefit to the wearer.

Blue sapphire channels Saturn’s energy, ruby connects you to the Sun’s life-giving rays and pearls boost your intuition. Green emerald, Mercury’s stone, helps with business and communication. A yellow sapphire is the favorite gem of Jupiter, the planet that brings wisdom and luck. The beauty, brilliance, and durability of diamonds mirror Venus’s characteristics. Mars’s red coral is Mars’s rock. Rahu and Ketu are the lunar nodes that transmit their Karmic messages through the lovely gems hessonite garnet and chrysoberyl cat’seye.

It is important to understand the legends and meanings behind the gemstones we choose, regardless of cultural background. This knowledge will bridge our subconscious mind. When we look down at our ring or bracelet with our eyes, we will feel the connection through time and space. It will allow us to be closer to the Oneness of All Things.

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